A Few Things

By: josh

There is some nuance with the BLM movement. The organization has outspokenly endorsed Marxism and is engaging in revolutionary tactics to get their point across while being encouraged by the radical left-wing politicians. While we as conservative political junkies know this to be true, we can’t assume that everyone that aligns themselves with BLM knows exactly what they stand for. Young people and uninformed people see BLM as a way to say that their lives matter which is what you would assume that BLM stands for. We can give them a pass because they aren’t fully educated on the issue. It does not help our cause when we bombard them with insults because they decided to align themselves with what they assume is a good cause. The media does not report what the motives of the BLM leadership is. Granted, it is easy to do a little research to find out what is what, it is important to educate rather than beat people over the head with our opinions. You draw more flies with honey rather than salt. We need to stop retaliatory tactics that we hate when it comes from the other side. It is okay to disagree with each other. In most circumstances, no one needs to be fired or cancelled just for having an opinion. That is what the left does, but we should not participate in such things. This makes us hypocrites. I know it feels good to get one over on the other side especially when they do the same thing to our side, but it needs to stop somewhere, and it must be us that stops it. We need to follow our own advice. If we don’t like an opinion, ignore it. If a celebrity speaks out and you don’t like their opinion, you don’t have to patronize their craft. There is no reason to try to cancel that person. That is something the left does. My personal process is, if someone or something (celebrity/business) is worth more to me than their dumb opinion, then I will still patronize their craft. If not, I will avoid them and not give them my money. That is how we need to move forward without canceling everyone we disagree with. We are powerful together and we can make a difference without using the evil tactics that the other side uses against us. One day we are going to look back at this time and recognize the lengths that a political party went to gain power. This is the attempted coup of capitalism by Marxist revolutionaries. They have been slowly moving forward with this plan for decades to get these revolutionaries into high ranking positions within the Federal government as well as state governments. Everyone is in position now and the time is now for them to make their move to end capitalism. They found an avenue to divide us which is race. America is not a perfect country and does have a dark past along with every other country on the planet. America is exceptional because the constitution is designed to eliminate the darkness and make changes that benefit the citizens. We dissolved slavery! It was a slow process. Any amount of time where slavery is happening is too long, but it was eventually abolished. There are still countries that implement slavery today. There are more slaves today than when America was dealing with it. People are being duped into thinking they are still being oppressed. In turn, they vote for the people that are making the claims of oppression. Those same people make laws that grow the government and re-enslaves its citizens. Eventually, we become slaves to government. Let this be a call to action for this election cycle. It is time to stand up and make sure the coup is not successful. Get out and vote in November and make sure to vote for the most conservative candidates that love our country and will uphold the constitution. I’m afraid if we don’t, we may have to defend our great country with our lives next. It is ironic that in the age of information, there is so much information available, you must be very careful what information is correct. The main culprit in spreading wrong or biased information is the media. They have been caught so many times editing video clips, omitting facts, taking clips out of context, and misrepresenting events. How can anyone trust what they say? Even the people that agree with their biases know how they try to maintain a narrative. These are large and powerful corporations that control what you see and how you see it. They cancelled COPS and LivePD because they showed police officers in a good light which didn’t fit their narrative. They are both very successful shows and the networks that cancelled them, are suffering because of it. We all need to remember this when we consume information from a single source. Research your facts and do your homework. Don’t just rely on one source. We are in the age of information, but too much information can be just as bad as too little information.