Attacks from Every Angle

By: MAGAVision2020

Our Republic is being attacked from every angle and the plans of the left is in plain site. There are still some John F. Kennedy democrats in the country that are in the center; they don't want socialism either but it's being forced upon us daily. It used to be a dirty word. Just a few years ago, Maxine Waters slipped up during a congressional session and almost said "socialism." Now the likes of AOC and Bernie Sanders openly promote socialism to applause from too many Americans. Many of those Americans fled socialist countries such as Cuba and Venezuela, only to embrace it here. It will be better here, they say. It will not... Socialism never ends well for anyone. Rules for Radicals main concept is to never let a crisis go to waste. Democrats have been using COVID-19 and Race wars to take advantage while many Americans suffer. Some recent slips of the tongues on the left leaves no doubt that their manufactured crisis' will all come to an end after the election. Unless of course, Trump wins and the manufactured disasters will continue while fake crisis' are piled on. Meanwhile, calls to de-fund the police are heard while cities are burnt and businesses are ran out of town. Democrats who can't control their cities tell police to back down and even when there are arrests, the criminals are let out of jail soon after. BLM members have been arrested for extortion in places like Louisville, KY, where even Cuban Americans had to fight back against mafia tactics from the group. There were 89 arrests for extortion in one night and those criminals were set free just a few days later. The Cloward-Piven Strategy is being played out right before our eyes. Our country is in a virtual civil war and many of our basic rights are under attack. Our constitution is under attack! Patriots are being silenced on social media while the chaos from the left seems to be organized. The main reason of this website is for Patriots to organize. We are storing links for easy reference. We have a forum here to talk freely without having to worry about Twitter and Facebook shutting our voices down. This site is for Patriots! We are trying to make a place for all Patriots; contributors with opinion articles/podcasts/webcasts, researchers, volunteers to be moderators or help with organization in general. Now is the time for all good Patriots to come to the aid of their website.