Beholden To The Woke

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

How did it come to this? Donald Trump won every state but New York...and the bastards have us fighting about trannies on the racetrack, prices at the pump, and melanin in the skin...everything but the empirical fact there was MASSIVE voter fraud and ignoring it put this loser pedophile in the White House in place of the rightful, lawful winner. They have brave Americans hiding from a virus that a 105 year old just recovered from yesterday like it was nothing. They have the middle class destroying our businesses and begging the vile government for handouts to keep us afloat. And they have us demanding, for some dumb reason, that our precious children be sent back into their indoctrination centers (they call schools) pushing their perversions on our babies’ brains to make them scream for communism. how did it come to this?…The simple answer is passivity. We have been trusting our rulers to make decisions for us. We’ve been trusting our media to deliver our information. And we’ve been trusting Republicans to rescue us. We have been all together too trusting.… And now we are trussed up... a waiting meal for the woke mob. Our naivety and passivity has put us in a position ripe for rape by traitors. We are living in a culture and society where the worst forms of humanity rule all things and write all the rules. News media, films, television shows, grade schools, colleges, Newspapers, magazines, social media platforms, books...they own it all. And all we can do is use their stuff until they tell us we can’t cuz we are not woke enough or we are the latest form of -ist or -phobe. But thus far our response to the monsters that have devoured our republic and shit out this democracy, is to play the hapless helpless victims of these venomous and vicious hellspawn. The bastards shadow ban us, brand us racist, sexist, white supremacist. They shut us up and shut us down. If we say what we want, they suspend us. If we speak the truth, they silence us. But what do we do in return? We whine about it. We lament and complain about cancel culture and political correctness. We bemoan our sorry state yet in true fashion of Stockholm Syndrome, we scurry back to the scumbags craving their favors. I say all this not to beat up on those of us who have been lamenting our lot; Lord, knows, it has not been easy to bare and the Elites dole out enough beatings already. My point is simply this: we have been kidnapped by communists and conditioned to care for the cages they made for us. We are beholden to the woke mob in all things and when they punish us for exercising our liberties, we have been so well trained that all we do is complain...but we don’t make the real change. I’m reminded of an amazing speech from an awful movie. John Goodman’s character in The Gambler said it best, “ A wise man’s life is based on ‘Fuck You!’” What’s that supposed to mean? Are we to run about insulting people and being mean? Not at all. In fact quite the opposite. But we are not to be lead about by the nose. Living at a level of Fuck You is possible when you don’t want anything they have to offer and don’t need anything they can give you. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, al. Every one of them is a parasite. Do they feed us, clothe us, educate our children in the facts of life? No. They provide us with nothing we can not walk away from. The time has come for us to tell big tech, big government and big media, “Fuck You” and then leave. Move to platforms that don’t restrain our speech. Buy from companies that don’t restrict our rights. And spend our time and money with companies that don’t chain liberty but let madmen run roughshod over the average citizen persecuting freedom and preaching hate. Do whatever you can to make a stand. If you own a business, refuse to hire communists. Don’t contract with other companies that oppress people. And if you work for someone else but have the ability to work for yourself, start your own business. And don’t give in to the tyrants telling you to close down for covid. You know what to do. Tell them “Fuck You.” “Put your mask on!”, they will say. Hide. Stay home. Don’t work. You can’t say this. You can’t do that. You’re not permitted. You’re not allowed. And to one and all woke doctrines and covid protocol I say, and every red blooded American Patriot should soundly reply, “Fuck You!”