Black Lives Matter

By: josh

I agree! The lives of black people do matter. All lives could not matter without black lives. The BLM activists get so offended when they are answered by "all lives matter". I thought the goal of BLM was supposed to be equality. Including black lives with all lives makes everyone equal. The ones that want only black lives to matter are wanting preferential treatment. That is not the definition of being equal. I can see why some black people would think that they are being targeted because in some cases they are or have been in the past. If people are singled out because of the color of their skin, it needs to be pointed out so we can all condemn it. Rioting, vandalizing and assaulting people is not the way to handle injustices. You become just as bad as the injustice you are fighting against. It makes people ignore your cause. I know that the BLM organization does not represent the real black community. These protestors are bought and paid for. They are bused in to do their destruction. The real black community protests by linking arm in arm and marches down the street singing bible hymns. That is a beautiful thing! That is what Martin Luther King Jr. would have done. That is when people will take you seriously. The media would not be able to use you to spin their narrative to drive votes for their candidate. It would also help if the BLM organization didn’t defend criminals that are clearly in the wrong by resisting arrest and trying to harm a police officer. They claim to want justice, but they only want one form of justice and it is whatever they perceive to be justice. If an investigation is done and the criminal is the one at fault, they would not be satisfied with justice. I don’t think they really care about black lives though. They never mention what is going on in Chicago or some of the other inner cities where black lives are being extinguished every night. It will take the black community to expose BLM for what they really are even though it seems like it is a good movement. It does nothing but divides an already divided nation. It is convenient that the divisive rhetoric is ramped up every time there is an election coming up. We all need to come together and let the media and the politicians know that we will not be played like this. They don’t care who gets hurt in this situation, they only care about gaining power even if it means playing one against the other.