Heads, I Win! Tails, You Lose!

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

I can not help but notice an oddity in the accusations against us these days. And one which seems to have been given a pass by all parties. If you are a straight white Christian male, the communists command that you are responsible for all the atrocities that have ever befallen human beings born with more melanin than yourself. Slavery was your fault. Poverty too. Inequality. Injustice. All abominations that have ever taken place are to be blamed upon the Straight White Christian Male…. And yet when we who know anything about history inform the fiends that throughout history the Democrat Party owned slaves, fought a revolution to further their slave trade, created the KKK to keep freed black folk in fear and control, wrote the Jim Crow laws to keep freed black people in thrall, manufactured red line districts to force black folk into the poorest neighborhoods, opposed every single effort to enact civil rights legislation, and then sabotaged the laws that were finally passed to chain black people to their party in government dependency in perpetuity….when ALL OF THIS is ever brought up, the savage bastards are allowed to get away with saying, “That was a different time.” Or “those were different people” or “our party has changed”. Why is that answer not acceptable for us who also were not present and were not responsible but who are White?! If the straight white Christian male is responsible for the atrocities of ancient straight white Christian males then how are we not allowed to hold the Democrat party today responsible for the atrocities of the Democrat party yesterday?! In their typical fascist fashion, the Democrats talk nonstop about white guilty and of those who deny their white guilty, they accuse of white fragility…whatever that is. The endless word games and alternative meanings make everything anyone says in response sound as nonsensical as the original charges themselves. But constantly, we seem to keep falling prey to their evil attacks by arguing back when they say, “ You’re racist!” And thus we remain perpetually on the defensive in a rigged game of “Heads I win. Tails you lose.” The only way to win is not to play! Besides, why are we defending ourselves from arbitrary, unfounded accusations neither one of us actually believe in. We know we are not racist. And most importantly, they know we are not racist. Their entire line of nonsense is designed to put us into an impossible scenario in which we are guilty by accusation until we prove ourselves innocent…which is by design, impossible to do. Stop defending yourself of the charge of racism! It’s a Red Herring! Whatever great point you were making was apparently too good for them to refute so they raised a distraction for you to fight against instead and to allow them a respite from the fight. Every time they call us racist, they are losing the argument. It’s a strawman. Again, stop defending yourself against charges of racism! Make them justify their accusations. Throughout the communist diatribe against white people as “the colonizers” and “the oppressors” the fools continuously claim they desire an “honest discussion” on race in America. This is a plain lie on its face. For two simple reasons; firstly, the argument begins with the conclusion that white people are the problem in this scenario (a racist assumption in and of itself) which is establishing a bias dialogue from the outset from which no true discourse can begin. And for two, from their perspective, no dialogue on racism will even aim its ire at the Democrat party which is historically the source of the racism stateside; it’s progenitor and propagator. Moreover, every attempt to say, we need an “honest discussion” does so with the malicious intent of justifying “racial reparations”. It’s a simple story, really… “If you are white, your ancestors owned people who were black. So now if you are white, you owe people who are black.”…just a couple of issues with this…first off, the basis for owning a slave was not whiteness. And the basis for being enslaved was not blackness. The first slave owner in America was a black man named Anthony Johnson. And at the time of the Civil War, there were 3000 black slaveowners… Yes, that is correct: 3000 black men who owned other black men. Secondly, no one answers for their ancestors. And that goes for every injustice.… Everyone wants to believe that their ancestors were great and good people. We all want to ponder in our minds that our fathers and their fathers before them were all upstanding, decent people. But we are all descended from both saints and sinners. Is there any person alive today who does not have a bastard in their genealogy? No. Some of us descend from murderers. Some of us descend from rapists. Some of us descend from perverts and pedophiles. Must we pay for their crimes too?! Or is it just for whiteness we must make our repentance. If slavery is the ultimate evil that slaver descendants need to pay for, then why are we ignoring actual legalized slavery today in the form of the 13th amendment and the prison system? Why are we ignoring the kidnapping and human trafficking industry that runs unchecked around the world? Why are we ignoring the Islamic enslavement of millions of innocent people in the Middle East and Africa today. We buy our toys from China. But they were made by slave children in sweat shops. The fake outrage over slavery is Outlandish and overwhelming as it is absurd.