Here We Are

By: josh

I am a long time Glenn Beck listener. I have listened to him off and on since he was on Fox News. He is the first person that I have seen start to uncover the corruption that has been eroding our country for years. He is also the reason for the majority of America waking up to the corruption. He made the corruption mainstream and helped to inform millions of Americans. As an avid listener, I heard him talk about all the things that are happening now for years, but I never thought we would get to this point. We are on the verge of having to pick up our weapons to defend our freedom. I never thought we would get to this point, but here we are. China has infiltrated our country on a much larger scale than I could have imagined. There are spies on Democrat payrolls all over the country. There are Democrats on Chinese payrolls all over the country. The main one is claiming to be the President-Elect currently. The media is complicit in trumpeting propaganda and not reporting information they don’t agree with. Google helped set up the police state in China. It looks like they were practicing to set up a police state here. China has also been buying up large swaths of land in the U.S. China has all the leverage at this point. If they declared war right now, we would be in trouble. We don’t even make our own medicine anymore. They cleverly infiltrated us from within rather than a standard invasion. They knew they could capitalize on the corruption that our politicians are participating in. It is coming Patriots! Our politicians sold us out to the highest bidder. We must remain armed. We must be careful who we are putting our trust in. There are lots of actors that want to gain your trust to hasten the end of the Republic. Conservatives and Liberals that want to save the country should not be listening to anyone that is telling you to not vote in the runoff election in Georgia. Anyone that says not to vote and let the Democrats win, have other motives than saving the country. This is also true about Lin Wood and Sydney Powell. I don’t know exactly what their motives are. I’m not saying their motives are not to save the country, but I repeat anyone that tells you not to vote to save the country is in error. After watching them tell the crowd and the viewers that at a #StopTheSteal rally, I am very weary about knowing what side they are on. I want them to release the Kraken or whatever they are claiming they are going to do, but I can’t be sure they are who they say they are. I will reserve my judgment of them until I see some results. At this time, I haven’t seen anything. Not voting in an election that will be able to stop the Democrats from imposing their will on us, is insane and you should question it. Donald Trump has an uphill battle in front of him. At this point, the lawsuits are beginning to be bubbled up to the Supreme Court. They must decide if they will hear the case or not. I hope Trump’s legal team are as successful as they have claimed in collecting enough evidence to be able to overturn enough votes. Everyone can see there were mass irregularities within the few battle ground states. Even the Democrats can’t say that this was a secure election like they claim. The Coronavirus crisis was a trojan horse to push through mail in voting so they can stuff the ballot boxes. I believe that it turned out to be so obvious because Trump had massive leads in these states. The Democrats panicked, stopped counting until they could secure more fraudulent ballots to tabulate. They did in full view of America while we all watched in real time. There were so brazen in their antics because they knew they could get away with it. It is our own fault that this happened. We should have been more prepared for this. Everyone knew it was coming. It has been happening for a long time, but never to this scale. If they succeed, the Republicans will never win another election again. The same kind of elections happen in Latin American countries and the results can’t be trusted. The worst part is none of the politicians that egregiously break the law and participate in corruption never go to jail. That is why they continue to do what they do. They are emboldened by continuously getting away with everything. Even with Trump in office, the administration before him broke all kinds of laws and no one will go to jail for them. The corruption runs so deep that we may never be able to clean it out. It isn’t looking good for the future of America. This is how it looks today but could change tomorrow. If Trump fails, he is still responsible for exposing so much of the corruption that is present in our government. There are definitely some highlights and lowlights of his administration. He has shown that when everyone thinks he will not succeed, he does. If anyone can defeat the odds that are stacked against him, it is him. We will see in the coming six weeks.