By: ThisAmericanCarnage

Let Fall Democracy Democracy, Thy Name is Tyranny. Treason, Thy Name is Biden! Armies of miscreants marching in the streets, blocking highways, beating innocents, Breaking laws, burning buildings and all the while chatting, “this is what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!“… And yet despite the bellowing by the Democrats boldly declaring their intentions, and blatantly tipping their hand, still, for some strange reason, Americans continue to claim Democracy as a euphemism for the Republic. But they could not be more wrong. One of the greatest lies allowed life in this country and throughout the west is the noble lie of democracy… And the inference that a republic and a democracy are one and the same. They are not interchangeable terminologies, no matter how wrongly people use them. Nor are these equal ideas. They are polar Opposites, diametrically opposed to one another, and constantly at war with each other. The enemy of liberty is tyranny. And Tyranny comes in many forms. Probably the most grievous being democracy, because it feigns itself liberty. Democracy disguises itself as a means of freedom, independence, self government,… All the dreams we believe in… But none of the reality. And worst of all, democracy can pull off the charade for long enough to destroy a genuine Republic. In our country this has happened recently. The United States of America is and always has been a Republic… Yet for generations now we have been running like a democracy. And millions of citizens have been wrongly taught that we are a democracy or that we are a democratic republic or that a democracy and a republic are one and the same… But it is not so… And so we are broken. The scheme was near complete until a brash noisy billionaire broke onto the scene, narcissistic, sometimes nasty, and bellicose beyond notion against all things that hinder liberty, fracture freedom, chain independence, and displace the natural rights of Man. Most often the constitution, when followed, will produce a result, coincidentally identical to majority rule… But because majority does not rule, this does not always take place. In the case of President Donald Trump, the false notion that America is a democracy was shattered for millions nationwide. An entire generation raised to believe they live in a democracy, witnessed a leader elected by the Will of a nation but not the will of the majority. And so they riot, ruin and run amok from sea to sea… Because, you see, that is what happens in democracy. A republic has rules and regulations as well as representatives. Therefore it affords equal representation to all its citizens, regardless whose opinion is greater. But a democracy is only a majority lording over a minority, A single monarch replaced by a larger mob, yet still the will of one over another, and what everyone Master desires the slave must do… Or die. For now the Democrats are claiming that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. They say that he will be the death of democracy, that he will destroy all that democracy stands for.… And I and every free man, woman, and child say amen. Let Fall Democracy! Let die that nobles lie! And let live the Noble truth, that all men are created equal and are treated equal before “God” and the law, but here in the land of the free and home of the brave, without the chains of democracy, all Men need not remain equal in effort, strength, beauty, wisdom, achievement, and all means of freedom. Here under the Stars and Stripes that fly ever free and in the Republic for which it stands, let it be the good goal, and righteous ambition to destroy democracy everywhere in honor of the Republic. In honor of liberty, slaughter democracy, by the realization of the American dream of freedom. Break the chains the Democrat party of misery and mutiny made for you and boldly boast to heaven that when they came to bind you, when they aimed to break you, when they dared to make you obey, you remembered the might of your boast in the bill of rights and you told them to go the hell!