No More Silent Moments

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

Dear American, Another 9 /11 and another “reading of the names”. Once again we gather in solidarity as blessed Americans to remember the 2977 innocent lives lost on that fateful day so many years ago when the enemies of civilization, unjustly saw fit to rain fire on us from the sky. The instruments of everyday transportation, transformed by foreign fiends into terrifying weapons of murder and mass destruction. Every good heart that awful day tore in two as the planes crashed and the towers fell and thousands of lives were ripped apart. And all these years later we repeat the recitation so the slain are never forgotten and the horrors of that September stay fresh in minds and hearts. Another wreathe laid down. Another bell rung. Another name read, And another moment of silence. We remember the fallen truly with a sad and solemn beauty, but what I remember most of all about that day of dread and death, what I remember more clearly everyday is the great American rage! Yes, it is nice to honor the fallen with flowers and full ceremony but for GOD’s sake can we stop the damnable silence?!! Enough already& too much! Near 3000 voices silenced that day of rage, and it remains our obligation, as it is our honor to speak for them since they can't say so much as a single word any more. We owe our fellow Americans fallen on 9/11 screams and cries for violence, not moments of silence. Our debt to our dead is not minutes of quiet reflection but noise and retribution. How many men and women had to choose that morning between jumping from the building and falling to their deaths or burning alive in jet fuel? How many firemen and police ran in to the rescue only to end their lives under the rubble? How many parents lost their children and children their parents that day of gentle memory? And how many since have succumbed to sickness from breathing the poisoned air of Manhattan that day and in the aftermath? How many have gone to join the victims in the long sleep from related cancers or suicides? Far too many to fathom! And how many have paid for blood they shed that day? Far to few to even say!...And our answer to their massacre is moments of silence?! No! We need no more silent moments in America! We need noise, yelling and screaming, every one of us who can't stand apathy in response to an assault on our countrymen, raising our voices & releasing all our vitriol in bellicose roar! Many a red blooded American there was who felt that righteous fury when you saw those towers fall. Your ire was rising as they were falling, & a deep abiding enmity entered your soul as did mine in that dark moment for whatever monster made that outrage a reality. You cursed them, and swore vengeance with most welcome burning malice as did each of us. That's what I remember. I recall no one could keep silent. We were screaming bloody murder in wrath and rancor and calling for a mountain of heathen skulls! Sadly, however, we did not get our reckoning, and with the passing of enough time our venomous tirades turned to vexation, and with the new generation never to know a pre911world, our fire cooled off into viridity and victimization. Nothing else in history has ever unified a people like the blood of those precious several thousand slaughtered Americans. That was the moment not of silence but of great noise when we were all Americans united in uulation, bleeding and bilious together as one. Yet all these years later, though the sorrow remains, and we remember the loss of life, we do not remember the rage, especially those too young then and without that driving fire inside every American breast this day of blood and terror will soon become lost to the long line of historical tragedies too removed to matter anymore. When no one remains alive to remember it and no revanchists can be found to mourn at the memorial of an ancestor unavenged, this day will become like so many others, a bi-line in a text book telling a fresh crop of students that something happened on 9/11/2001, and it was "sad” & it was “unfortunate" and it was “tragic” but never will it be taught that generation why they should remember it like yesterday. Never will they know why we bother reading the names laying the wreaths and wringing the bells, because we have been having so many moments of silence when we should have been demanding justice, crying at the top of our lungs for the blood of every terrorist, their severed heads to hold high over our loved ones’ graves, and their flayed skin for the binding cover of our memoirs. Next year when they call for a moment of silence, shout instead for the dead and dying and damn every coward who forgets how it felt to be helpless that day! And to all Americans I say, Remember to rage! Sincerely, Uncle Sam !