Oath to a Liar

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

Maybe I’ve covered this topic before, but it bears mentioning at least once more. It seems to me, most, if not all, of our exceptionally vast variety of failures as the so-called free world can be traced straight back to an over-reliance on and blind-trust placed in an over-abundance of oaths. Of all the sundry and diverse villainies, the oh-so-many sins our sovereign nation has doled out over her couple century history both to others and to itself, every one can in effect be traced back to a fools’ faith in a man’s oath. Be it religion or politics, medicine or justice, each square inch of American earth and every American ideal has been corrupted by dullards deliberately deluding themselves into believing a man’s word is worth more than dollars and sense. And it well may be…but only if we just do happen to have the one on a million man worth a damn who stepped up to swear it. The odds, however, are strongly against it. They really think this makes sense and built our who society upon it. Our founding fathers most foolishly made the most fundamental feature of government the binding oath before an invisible Deity. In an absurd bit of naivety, they figured their own integrity in pledging obedience in answer to Providence, extended without question to posterity. The age old saying comes to mind, “An oath to a liar is no oath at all.” And there are two ways in which this can be taken. The first means that a promise made to a liar does not need to be kept. And the second is that to a liar, the entire concept of a promise is completely pointless. Thus the use of vows as a test of verity is useless and ultimately will undermine the security of the country and ensure its inevitable rule by cruel unaccountable villains. No oversight is set in place, this side of the grave. Sure, one may yet stand before the Majesty on the day of judgment to answer for all his or her evils in office…but what is that far off threat to a monster who believes the MOST HIGH to be make believe?! There is nothing to hinder the harridans from bringing hell on earth in the mean time and raping away the rights granted all human beings from Heaven. Doctors, judges, lawyers, preachers, police, senators, presidents…all held to the oath and obligation to do no harm, to protect and serve, to defend the constitution, keep the peace, and uphold the law…and yet…here we are! Laws for some but not for all! Chaos reigns! The Constitution but a vague list of suggestions nobody seems to care about anymore. Defended? More like - Rended! Do we have protection? Are we well served? Or are some served up for the protection of the rest?! And oooohh the harm we suffer because of all of these! An honest person will promise and keep their word, because it means their own personal quality and because the repercussions for irresponsibility are so dire; but for the liar?… Well he or she will simply say whatever he or she needs to say to get the power to do whatever he or she wants to do. And the difference between the honest person and the liar may not be known until they get power… But by then it is way too late. The damage is done, and the destruction is vast. If there is anything left after the disaster this country is becoming the most important thing that absolutely has to be infused into the future Constitution is instant accountability for those in power…not an oath to the Almighty answerable only upon expiration.