By: ThisAmericanCarnage

I just can’t help it. At every turn these last 4 years I can not but compare The Donald with the fictional character, Darrow of the RED RISING novels written by the peerless pen of Pierce Brown. While the two aren’t exactly twinning, it is clear from the milieu of the book series and that of our own world as well as the nature of the two men and their opposition that they are of an amazing similarity. Born into a world of class slavery and supremacy, a societal pyramid with GOLD atop and RED under all, Darrow was forced to infiltrate the upper class of warlords styling themselves as mankind’s shepherds, in order to destroy them and bring about a just republic of liberty. But don’t take my word for it. Hear it straight from the Reaper, himself and see if Donald Trump could not have delivered a rousing speech like this at a rally... “I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me war..., not for singing a song but for daring to question their reign, for daring to have a voice. For centuries millions...have been fed lies from cradle to grave. That lie has been revealed to them. Now they enter the world you know, and they suffer as you do. Man was born free, but..., he is in chains. Chains made of duty, hunger, fear. Chains hammered to our necks by a race we lifted up. A race we empowered. Not to rule, not to reign, but to lead us from a world torn by war and greed. Instead, they have lead us into darkness. They have used the systems of order and prosperity for their own gain. They expect your obedience, ignore your sacrifice, and hoard your prosperity that your hands create. To hold tight to their reign, they forbid our dreams. Saying a person is only as good as the Colors...But now I stand before you a man unbound. I ask you, my brothers and sisters, I ask you to join me. To throw yourselves on the machines of industry. To unite behind the Sons...Take back your cities, your prosperity. Dare to dream of a better world better than these. Slavery is not peace. Freedom is peace. And until that, it is our duty to make war. This is no license for savagery or genocide...This is war, but you are on the side of good, and that carries a heavy burden. We rise not for hate, not for vengeance, but for justice. For your children. For their future. I speak now to the Golds, to the Aureate who rule. I have walked your halls, broken your schools, eaten at your tables, and suffered your gallows. You tried to kill me. You could not. I know your power. I know your pride. [Long] you have ruled over the dominion of man, and this is all you have given us. It is not enough. Today I declare your rule to be at its end. Your cities are not your cities...They were built by us. And they belong to us, the common trust of man. Now we take them back. Never mind the darkness you spread, never mind the night you summon, we will rage against it. We will howl and fight till our last breath....And if we fall, others will take our place because we are the tide and we are rising. BREAK THE CHAINS! Tell me, does this not sound like us… Much like this man, Darrow of Lykos, the Bloodydamn Reaper of Mars, we too live in a world ruled by beautiful monsters. Beasts with human faces, Godless, callous, and cruel. These Auriferous vampires claim to glow but instead bring only darkness in the name of “tolerance and equality” and destroy the blessings of liberty decrying it to be “for the good of the people.” Or so it was until The Donald decided to descend an escalator. A RED becoming a GOLD that he may destroy their shining system of slavery. Now it has been four years and the time has come for us to decide. Do we allow what greatness has been attained by him, not for himself but for us, to revert once more to the tyrants and terrors at the top in their gilded capstone of the pyramid...or do we RISE with him once more?! Do we bow to Color and lesser creeds of evil men who would presume to rule us and rain terror down upon our children for all the years to come...or do we fight back with the only weapon we have?! September 1st and November 3rd. This is the Time. Vote RED on every ticket! Vote all in for Liberty and Law! Vote not for hope and change, but to change hope into a reality! As Pierce Brown said, “Hope is an opiate, not a plan.” And change is something that fits in your pocket and isn’t worth very much. Vote to break the chains the GOLDS have laid on us, them who dared set us beneath them and make us toil for their glory and amusement! Make them drown in the RED tide rising to sweep them away like so much refuse! Make your voice heard this coming week and in the weeks to come, not in songs and silly prayers alone but in your presence at the polls to Remove Every Democrat and to Ruin an Elite’s Day! Free stuff is all well and good, but as a wise young woman once said before the GOLD silenced her forever, “You must live for more!” Rise, RED! Rise and live free! Break the Chains!