The Last American President

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

I once lived in the land of the free...but now that country’s gone from me. Eaten alive by vainglorious pride. I don’t know when exactly it happened nor can I say precisely the point the change was made. But I was born in the land of the free and the home of the brave yet now I see fear in the eyes of all citizens and read the billboards raised up everywhere that say the same: OBEY! OBEY! OBEY! A nation made by a declaration, of independence, intolerance, and inability to bend to the will of man or masses has broken under the burden of conformity and false ultra tolerance. The MAKER made Men free, and free men framed a constitution to codify divine liberty. These Men of liberty formed a republic to safeguard the sanctity of these natural rights, the best of all possible governments to guarantee the security of self reliance and civil rights. But there was no way to guarantee the Republic itself. It is said that Benjamin Franklin was asked by a little old lady what form of government the Congress had given us, “A Republic, ma’am,” he replied. “...if you can keep it.” IF YOU CAN KEEP IT?! Recently I was asked, “Has the constitution failed us?” And this is the answer to that question. The constitution has not failed us.... but we have failed the constitution. We were given a republic, and we could not keep it. The Founders said that this delicate form of government would work only for a religious and moral people. The Framers stated that when we ceased to be good we would cease to be free. So here we are today. 244 years from our founding and we have fallen, not to a foreign power or to outside interests. This empire has been undone by hubris on one side and lethargy on the other. The greatest difference between a Republic and a Democracy is in their electorate. In a Republic, the leaders are elected servants, but in a Democracy, the leaders are appointed rulers. And so the final nail in our country’s coffin came in the aftermath of this year’s election which has revealed itself in actuality as an appointment. Thousands of ballots cast in the names of the dead, the underage, non registered citizens, citizens of other states, in the maiden names of married women, one and all for the Democrat aspirant. The country watched in horror on election night when every swing state STOPPED THE COUNT for the first time in American History, told everyone they were done for the night, then proceeded to count again after the Watchers were gone. And in the following days sworn testimony revealed that trucks pulled up to the counting rooms in the early morning offloading hundreds of thousands of ballots all for the Democrat, the perfect amount needed to push him over the top in ever state he was down. Yet still this was not the end of the empire. No. Because this is the very extreme example our Founding Fathers foresaw and sought to forestall. Safeguards were put in place in the form of legislative and judicial branches. The moment we knew this nation was no more was the second that, seeing all the mountain of evidence of irregularities and illegal activities in favor of the Democrat, the legislatures did nothing! And in over 60 court filings, the judges and justices did nothing! And so, quite sadly, it is over. What was the greatest nation on the face of the earth is nothing more than a banana republic, a democracy in its being born and a republic in its death throws. And what was the greatest president America has ever had, has become her last. Yet though the United States has passed away. What is really the Republic remains. The natural rights of man, the constitution that codified each and every one, and We, The People, who will not be ruled and who will not serve. Should some miracle make itself known in the near future to set our forever President, Donald J. Trump back where he belongs in the Peoples’ House to do the Peoples’ business, the Republic, the Democrats tried to filch from us by foisting that frail old fiend upon us to rob us of our freedoms through voter fraud, must be once and for all rid of these renegades that have brought us to ruin. Whatever happens however, we stand with Donald Trump forever and hold for always to the Old Republic! MAGA NO MATTER WHAT!