The Last Kingdom

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

There once was a nation known as the United States of America...It was born out of a revolution against the oppressive rulers that controlled it. The independence of this nation came at a great cost as they threw off the shackles of the country that created them, the Empire of Great Britain. America was a land of opportunity, freedom, Independence, self government… But her people did not seize that opportunity… And so she is no more. Destroyed by invaders from without and betrayers from within, the United States of America ceased to exist on November 3rd 2020. … And yet there is hope… How and why? Because America is an ideal. It is not a Locale. This beautiful idea was given root here in the New World and that tree of liberty was allowed to grow for 240 years, but alas the axes have struck and felled that towering pine. Yet hope remains because this idea of liberty for all, equality before God and the law, independence, free market economics, and Self government remain alive in the hearts of all real Americans. So long as freedom Lives in the souls of men and women who will not be ruled and who will not serve and who will not bow, America remains. And there is a lesson in this moment From the nation that birthed our own. Great Britain. By the ninth century, through outward invasion and inward complicity England had been entirely conquered save only the southernmost kingdom of Wessex, the last Kingdom. It was all lost but for the leadership of Alfred the great who rallied the Britains, conquered the invader Danes, and retook all England... in after years Great Britain became the empire to conquer the world. We stand now in that same dark hour. When treason and invasion have ended our great nation. But this is not the end of the belief in freedom. And from the ashes of this disaster, America will rise again. As in the ninth century, we have our Alfred… Or should I say our Donald! No king… And yetThe ruler we may rally behind to rescue what is left of this once great republic. Our ancestors feared so much a king that they invested too much power in senators, congressman, and judges and now that power has come back to destroy the notion of a free nation. The founders of our country put too much Faith in oaths and held an over reliance on the value American people would put in faith. They told us from the start that when we ceased to be good we would cease to be free. They told us this form of government would only work for a religious and moral people. And we are clearly not a religious and moral people anymore. We are no longer generally good. But we are incredibly corrupt. This is the hour for all states who remain loyal to the constitution, to the compact they made with We, The People, to defend liberty, those states who retain the Remembrance of what America means - to Secede from the traitor states and stand as the Last Kingdom did! Follow Donald the Great as the rightfully elected ruler of this republic and rally all real Americans to the Cause of liberty!