The Magic Ballot

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

There needn’t always be violence when there is treason, but there must always be a reason. And the Pusillanimous Democrat party has given us now greater reason than ever to cry treason! Nancy Pelosi says that Donald Trump contesting the extremely suspicious results in Michigan and Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, that he is somehow undermining the integrity of the electoral process. The audacity! The unmitigated gall of this woman! The Democrats pushed the narrative that a novel virus akin to the cold and flu was going to kill us all if we went to vote in person. They forced upon the public the notion that there needed to be an entirely new way of voting by mail which had never been done before and if it was not apparent before, now we know why it never has been. Because it is outrageous and wide open to fraud. The Democrats stoked fear that Trump was trying to suppress the vote by asking people to go in person, that he was somehow racist for wanting everyone to present an identification to prove they are actually a citizen and registered to vote. They even caused a panic that Trump was trying to destroy the post office just to stop their votes. The Democrat party said Trump was trying to rig the election by wanting signatures on ballots to match the signatures of the voters.. The Democrats decided that Trump was trying to defraud the American people by expecting everyone to vote by Election Day. And not letting anyone vote afterword… As the constitution demands, as the law of the land. And finally when Trump was running away with key states the vote counters all randomly decided unprecedentedly to simply stop counting on election night… Suddenly and quite magically Trump’s lead all of a sudden started to disappear in these key states as all the new magic ballots arrived for Biden in the dark of night coming from God knows where … All for Biden! how ironic… but is it ironic? Or is it insurrection! At four in the morning A pole watcher filmed airplane luggage and coolers being brought into the accounting office in Detroit. In these key states votes have been counted while pole watchers were not allowed to observe, windows boarded up so no one could see inside, in certain places poll workers opened ballots looked at them and then threw some in the trash but did not throw others in the trash. Trump Ballots have been found in the garbage. But no Biden ballots were found in the garbage. Mysterious delays happened in the democrat controlled states polling places, a water leak, a machine running out of ink all very convenient delays designed to drag out the vote long enough for mail in ballots, those magic votes that cannot be verified, that don’t need to be verified, and can literally be cast by anybody or nobody and very simply and easily duplicated or multiplied for Biden. Surprise surprise. And Pelosi has the audacity to say that Donald Trump is undermining the integrity of the election process by challenging the Chicanery or such a wild result?! What else could he do?! What else should he do?! If there is no standard for voting anymore, then we should all show back up with rolls of toilet paper and declare each square a vote for Trump. The Dems want to play identity politics?! Fine! Here’s 1,000,000 Trump votes so they ab clean up p all the crap that comes with a Biden presidency!!! LORD on High, save us!!!