Volunteers and Contributors Needed

By: MAGAVision2020

Hello Everyone, update on staff needed for our site; Volunteers to man the Timelines. We have made a couple but would like one specifically to cover the election. We can add many timelines so if you'd like another, just let us know. We can not have enough great contributors and researchers to provide Intel, write opinion articles, podcasts, promote your book; this is the headquarters for patriots. It's good to have a few people help with Twitter, Parlor, Rumble, etc. We look at information from Project Veritas, scour the web for content. There is a lot of activity on scanners in major cities where riots and looting are happening, we need mass numbers of people to monitor their cities and as a result we can all see the big picture as it relates to our country. We're looking for researches to provide short reports on economic policy such as comparing and contrasting socialism. If you have a knack for something in particular, like personal finance management, this would be good to share with the masses. We're providing transfers from Twitter/Social media jail so you can serve your sentence here. LOL We are Patriots connecting Patriots, digital warriors connecting the dots. We are here to supplement Social media and this is our space. Your ideas are welcome here. We need to fight. This is the battlefield and the rear with the gear.