By: ThisAmericanCarnage

The strength of our once glorious republic the Founders fashioned for us was the sworn oath before the Sovereign LORD of the Universe. And what could be more adamant? What could possibly be considered a better check on the limits of power and mighty of tyrants than remembering they will answer to a far Greater KING for their every deed done as the peoples’ chosen representative… But the one blind spot our beloved forefathers failed to consider was a world of godless monsters whose daily ambition is to crush liberty in the name of safety, to destroy choice in the name of equality, and to annihilate independence in the name of the common good. After all, how could the Signers comprehend a cabal of cretans who would conquer their country as the false prophets of tolerance, swearing the same oaths of old to a “God” above they don’t even believe in?! What happened to this beautiful land, “this last best hope of man on earth”? We built this blessed land on a brazen belief in the Eternal, on the knowledge of the Judge Above and structured our government to hang on the binding oath of the ones who serve therein…and then we slowly, surreptitiously, and systematically stripped away that faith that secured our nation from ultimate ruin. So that a man or woman can stand before the masses they mean to rule, set their right hand of fidelity upon the Good Book they themselves believe to be no more that leather-bound paper and ink and meaningless, and swear to a Heaven they think only a happy fantasy that “so help me ‘God’” I solemnly promise I won’t screw the people over… to be quickly followed by the “for-your-own-good” order that everyone must bend over.