White Supremacy and Democracy

By: ThisAmericanCarnage

“Do you denounce White Supremacy?!” The Democrats and their lackeys keep asking the President this supercilious and supremely silly question. Allthewhile acting as if he has never yet answered it. But he has. Over and over and over he has denounced white supremacy...but I don’t believe it is on him or any of us on the Right to fend off such accusations. The Democrat Party has been the gang of racism since they came into being in 1828. They were the party that enslaved black Americans. When Republicans set slaves free, the Democrats created the Knights of the Golden Circle which became known as the Ku Klux Klan, in order to attack Black Americans and to keep them from exercising their Constitutional Rights! The Democrat Party invented Jim Crowe Laws to keep Black American enchained economically, intellectually, and financially! The Democrat Party pushed for Segregation! The Democrat Party opposed Civil Rights! And the staunch virulent racist democrat, LBJ only signed the CivilRightsAct because he was forced to....Then the Democrat Party pulled a Switcheroo and have ever since claimed to be the party of Minorities. Dems claim to protect black people. The Dems claim to care about Black Americans....What happened?! Did they suddenly all find Jesus?! Doubtful! Midtwentieth century the Democrat Party changed its tune because they saw the changing trend. It became much easier to point a finger at the other side and scream, “Racist!”...while the Right played defense, the Dems swooped in with free stuff for Black Americans so they could change the Chains into dependency rather than iron. From now on, when the Democrats demands you denounce White Supremacy, the only answer is and always shall be: Yes, I denounce the Democrat Party and all its sundry subsidiaries!