By: josh

I have never experienced what is happening in this lead up to the 2020 Presidential Election. I am relatively young in Presidential Election years. I was born during the Reagan administration and can’t tell you much about it. I was too young to realize what was going on at the time. Since then, I have grown more cognitive of what is going on in the political atmosphere, a little more every election. As I try to look back as far as I can remember, I don’t ever remember there being so much enthusiasm for a Presidential candidate. The size of the crowds that show up to multiple rally’s per day is amazing. I’ve personally never seen anything like it. When you look at the things he has done while he was in office, it is easy to figure out why everyone is so enthusiastic. Tax cuts may be one of the most popular things he has done. Not many presidents can say that they followed through on that promise. Some can say they promised a tax cut and did the opposite. The taxpayers get to keep more of their money while tax revenue for the government goes up. The big government politicians don’t want you to know that or maybe they don’t know that themselves. I have a hard time believing they are that ignorant though. They complain about the rich benefiting the most from the tax cuts which is true. The people that pay the most taxes will obviously benefit the most from a tax cut. The rich also create the jobs, so when they have more money, they have more hiring power to create more tax paying citizens. It is no wonder that prosperity grows when taxes are lower while also increasing revenue for the government. It doesn’t take a genius to come to this conclusion. It’s easy to forget how beneficial tax cuts can be because we haven’t had one in so long. Two main points that reflect the success of the tax cuts are record low black unemployment and the greatest GDP growth on record in the last quarter even coming after a pandemic. This economy is ready to start rolling again! Cutting government regulation goes hand in hand with the tax cuts. Releasing some of the restraints that big government puts on businesses helps them to flourish and compete with the rest of the world. We have a hard time competing with China because they use slave labor which allows them to produce products at a very cheap rate. Red tape hinders our American businesses in an already tough global economy to compete in. For a lot of businesses, they had to outsource to third world countries just to have a chance to compete. When you hear about the business dealings that the Biden’s had with China, it is no wonder the government regulations were put in place. It’s like the Chinese were lobbying our own American politicians and the same will continue at a higher rate if Biden wins this election. Biden has already said he would phase out fracking and ultimately the oil industry while also investing in the oil industry in other countries. That doesn’t sound like a good business deal for America. It may be lucrative for the Biden family, but not for us. Most of my life we have been in a war with someone, but not under this President. When we went to war under former administrations, we didn’t go in, destroy our opponent and leave. We went in and tried to nation build with people that did not want a nation built. The rules of engagement limited our military and put them in harms way. That is not how you win wars, that is how you get our soldiers killed. We smashed ISIS and pulled out and no new wars since. That leads us to my next topic which is peace. I would argue that no President has brokered more peace than President Trump. The saying “Peace in the Middle East” used to be a joke, but now it is happening. It is something that I thought I would never see. I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but don’t think for a second that I voted for Hillary Clinton either. I don’t even remember the name of the guy I voted for, but I did not trust Trump. I was a Ted Cruz guy and I really did not like how Donald Trump treated him through the Republican Primary. I am still a big fan of Ted Cruz and I hope that he will run again one day, but I’m not sure that he would have been able to accomplish what Donald Trump accomplished. It is amazing everything he was able to get done with the media, Democrats, and attacks by the deep state while he was President. He has done so much more than what I have listed and even things that I don’t know about because the media will not cover it. This is our last stand as a free America. The contrast has never been starker than it is today. This is the time where we choose if America will remain a free country or if we will become a Socialist country. The Democrats aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Their masks are off, and this is our final chance to beat back these big government idealogues. Trump has shown in the past three and a half years the beginning of what this country can be again. That is why there is so much enthusiasm behind him. It has been so long since Americans have seen that kind of freedom. It has been a long time since we have seen a President in office that loves our country. Yes, he says offensive things and doesn’t always articulate his points perfectly, but that is a price I am willing to pay for my freedom. I see the enthusiasm from the American people, and I plan to contribute and take mine to the voting booth to vote for freedom.