By: MAGAVision2020

Projection is a narcissistic trait happens when a person is unhappy with their particular qualities, values, behaviors, and/or ideas to the point they project their shortcomings onto other people. One example is racial projection. If a person is racist, sometimes they are so disgusted by their own racist thoughts that they either overcompensate for the group their racist against or they call everyone racist… or both. After all, if a vain person thinks they are so great and have racist thoughts themselves, then everyone must be racist, in their minds. Many have heard the argument “Everyone is racist to a certain extent.” It is compounded when confronted by a group that they don’t believe in. After all, the people that stereotype an entire group is obviously stereotyping… and stereotyping is the basis of racism. Not everyone is racist; especially not all conservatives; especially not Donald Trump. There is no proof of racism but plenty of proof to the contrary. We’ve seen acts of racial projection for a while now. We’ve noticed that arguments that clearly contain the facts but nulled and voided by the “you’re just racist” argument terminator. But it’s not just racial projection now. Anyone who watched the debate of President Trump vs Joe Biden noticed many acts of projection. Although Joe Bidden has spent a lot of time over the past few months in his basement, he said President Trump has been hiding out in a bunker. Although President Trump has been screaming for law and order, begging governors to let him send in backup to take control of the streets to no avail, he was accused of not taking care of business. Are they suggesting that he take control via Martial Law? This would not go over well; and it could be taken care of with less aggressive tactics; the governors just need to give the President a nod. President Trump shut down the borders when COVID-19 started gaining traction as democrats (Joe Bidden included) said it was a bad idea at the time. Now Joe Bidden says he didn’t do enough early on. Joe Bidden says we need ventilators, masks, and other PPE now. That was already taken care of. We have a surplus. President Trump has denounced White Supremacists hate groups over an over again, yet Joe Bidden says the president has never denounced them. The debate featured a call to denounce the white supremacist group “The Proud Boys” which are neither white, nor racist. The problem is, NeverTrumpers will not go back and look. Research does not include watching MSM and using those ideas as your own. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? Many are finding out that they can get a degree just by agreeing with their professors. If the professors are not promoting free thought, they’re just as narcissistic. Too many people research until they find their truth; not the truth. They know that there are many voters who will not verify facts. Biden couldn’t even keep track of his contradictions; in one part of the debate, he was promoting the Green New Deal that would pay for itself, but a minute later he said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal; he supports his own deal. But if you go to, you’ll find the website says he does promote the GND. You can also get to by navigating to It provides a nice redirect…We’re getting attacked on many angles and there’s plenty of rhetoric to make our heads spin. Grass is red, but I didn’t say that, you just did. I’ve been saying all along that grass is green. Don't go back at look at the previous sentence, though.